Pioneer research of a JU Medical College doctoral student

Izabella Grzyb, a JU Medical College doctoral student, is conducting pioneer research to answer the question whether the personality of a mother as well as her fear and depression may lead to a preterm birth.

"Preterm birth may have a variety of causes. Some of them have not been researched yet. It seems then that the research may be expanded to include psychological factors and provide preventive healthcare to more pregnant women," the researcher explained.

Preterm births constitute 11% of the total number of births in the world. "15 million children are born prematurely every year. They are prone to numerous health problems, and their treatment is very expensive," said Izabella Grzyb.

In her research, she focuses particularly on type D (distressed) personality. People with this type of personality exhibit a tendency towards depression, pessimism, worrying, blaming, nervousness etc. Its effects was never before researched with pregnancy in mind, hence its innovativeness of this study. Apart from negative emotions, the researcher also studies the influence of positive ones, such as optimism and hope. She tries to determine whether they can play the role of a "counterweight."

One of the aims of this research is to create a programme providing psychological assistance that would reduce the impact of negative emotions on pregnant women. Its promoter is Prof. Józef Krzysztof Gierowski, head of the JU MC Chair of Psychiatry.

(source: PAP – Science in Poland)