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The 650th year of the Jagiellonian University has just begun. As its 305th rector I am honoured to recall the words of its founder, King Casimir the Great of May 12 1364, which were part of the foundation charter of the University (referred to as Studium Generale) and are still very much relevant nowadays:

Therefore we Casimirus, by the grace of God King of Poland, have hereby decided that in our City of Cracow a place be appointed, elected, constituted and ordained for the establishment of a Studium Generale, which shall flourish together with any and all of its licensed Faculties whatsoever. … Let it be a pearl of the inestimable sciences, so that it may bring forth men outstanding for the maturity of their counsel, pre-eminent for their virtue, and well qualified in all the branches of knowledge. Let it become a refreshing fount of learning, from whose plenitude all those wishing to imbibe the skills of scholarship may drink their fill. To this our City of Cracow may all and sundry, not only the inhabitants of our kingdom and of the adjacent lands, but others too from the diverse parts of the world, have free and secure access in the endeavour to acquire this excellent gem of science.

This great anniversary reminds us of the role of King Casimir, whose well-earned appellation “the Great” reflects his ambition to make Poland not only rich and strong, but also enlightened and wise. Since then, for more than six centuries, the University has been putting this wisdom into practice for the glory of our country. It has provided education to many of Poland’s greatest people. These are our roots and our heritage.

Part of the Address by the Rector of the Jagiellonian University, Prof. dr hab. med. Wojciech Nowak






We wish to express our profound gratitude to all offices, institutions, companies and media that have lent us their aid in preparation and organisation of this great celebration of Polish arts and sciences – the 650th Jubilee of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.





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